After learning about your property and your goals, we will visit the site, compile an opinion of value for your consideration, discuss the strategy for your property, and review the different types of listing agreements available.

Our history of sales success is a result of our combination of precise knowledge of our seller’s property, our professional presentation and showings, and our extensive advertising campaign. We advertise locally, regionally and nationally incorporating different types of media from traditional print ads to strategic online marketing. Additionally, Lifestyle homes is an active member of local portals in the countries that your potential buyers are situated and we maintain very close ties with all of the professional real estate professionals on the Costa Blanca area.


STEP ONE – Introductions

Property Review: We start by visiting the property to understand all the nuances that add value to the site – i.e. location, views, water/beach access, quality/attributes of the land, privacy, quality of house, outbuildings and other special features.

Goals: This is an opportunity to discuss your goals for this real estate transfer so that Lifestyle homes can help strategize for the best possible outcome for you.

Comparative Market Analysis: We always research current Costa Blanca real estate market data on comparable sales and provide you with an Opinion of Value for discussion.

Listing Price: This is one of the most important decisions made before marketing a property. We will suggest a listing price based on our analysis of the current real estate market and our understanding of your property, its existing attributes and, in some cases, its potential as well. While we make suggestions, the final decision on price is yours and will likely be based on the information you gather as well as your own goals.

Listing Agreement: Together we discuss the different options for listing agreements and work with you to determine a listing price, the length of the agreement and the standard commission structure. Once a listing agreement is fully signed, you are officially a client of Lifestyle Homes and your agent will roll up their sleeves and get to work.

STEP TWO – Preparing for Marketing the Property

Research: We research all files at town hall related to the property (Board of Health, Conservation Commission, etc). We obtain copies of recorded deeds, plans, covenants, easements and restrictions.

Engineering: All engineering data on your property will be obtained through engineering contractor. For some properties, we discuss the benefits of investing in land surveying and engineering work so as to show the maximum potential or benefits of the property.

Photography: Your property will be professionally photographed for advertising and printed brochures. For appropriate properties, drone footage will be taken.

Staging/prep for showings: We offer advice on staging your property and preparing for the best possible presentation of the property.

Brochures: For some properties in the high end market a brochure is developed to include all of the information gathered above including photos, plans, maps and a property fact sheet. These are used as a guide when showing the property and as a take-away for prospective buyers.

STEP THREE – Marketing/Active Listing

Advertising: Text is developed and photography chosen for all advertising outlets – print and online.

Portal Listing: Your listing is activated on portals across Europe. Updates occur as needed.

Other Web Listings: Your listing is activated on the Lifestyle homes Spain website and several other online real estate listing sites.

E-mail Broadcast: This tool is often used to inform all agents/brokers of updates on your property.

Showings: Lifestyle homes works with all agents and brokers and cooperates fully for showings. A Lifestyle homes agent is present at all showings and a record of dates and buyer names is kept on file for you. Show notices with feedback are sent you for review.

STEP FOUR – Transaction

Offer: All offers are submitted to you for your consideration.

Funds: Funds guaranty are distributed as directed by legal counsel. The first deposit is due at the time of the signed and accepted offer.

Attorney: Real estate closings in Spain are handled by attorneys. We can recommend options for a local attorney. Attorneys generally handle all of the paperwork after reaching an accepted offer.

Inspections: We assist with coordination and access to the property for inspections/visits to the property requested by your buyer and any other contractors.

Purchase & Sale Agreement: We assist your attorney in preparing and signing the Purchase & Sale Agreement in a timely fashion. Your buyer’s second deposit is collected via wire into the notary account at this time.

Information conduit: Many details arise as we approach the closing date and we act as a conduit of information sharing between you and the buyer’s agent including such things as service provider contact info for the property and moving logistics.

Walkthrough: We schedule and accompany the buyer and their agent for the final walk through inspection if needed of course.

Closing: We review your closing statement to ensure proper accounting and assist with all other related details of closing where we are needed.

After reading this part of our conduct and processes and if you are considering putting your house on the market with us, let us come round and give you a free, non-obligatory valuation of a realistic price. We can then talk you through the paperwork you will need to provide, and if you need help with obtaining certain documents we can work with architects to gain these or point you in the right direction as to where and how to realize these.