Gastronomy Costa Blanca

Thanks to its climate and location on the Mediterranean the region of Valencia is famous for its wonderful selection of Seafood, farm fruits, vegetables, and garden produce, which are excellent most of the year.

Nonetheless the star dish on every Valencia table is undoubtedly the traditional rice dishes which can be cooked in an infinite number of ways: paella (stewed rice with chicken and rabbit), arroz al horno (stewed rice with sausage), arroz a banda (stewed rice with fish served separately), arroz negre (rice with squid stewed in its own ink), and Fideua which is similar to Arroz a bandabut utilizes noodles instead of rice.

With most coastal towns on the Costa Blanca having some sort of fishing fleet and with quite a few still running auctions most evenings supplying local restaurants and supermarkets, a vast array of good quality fresh seafood is available at most decent restaurants.

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