Once we have found the right property for you there are a few steps to finally signing for it.

  • An initial reservation fee of €5000 will be paid and both the vending party and purchasing party will sign a pre-contract acknowledging the receipt of the deposit and that the property will be removed from the market.
  • A lawyer is appointed and all checks on the property are carried out.
  • An NIE number is applied for. This is the Spanish tax number given to a foreigner and can be done here in Spain or through the Spanish Embassy of the country the client resides in. Please ask for further details.
  • Within a 3-4 week period between from when the reservation agreement is signed, the Private Contract between vendor and purchaser is signed and the remainder of the 10% is paid. By this time, the buyer´s lawyer is satisfied with the paperwork and legal situation of the property.
  • A date is then set for the completion of the purchase process at the notary, and the remaining 90% balance is paid and the title deeds (Escritura) are signed over to the new owner.
  • It is prudent to keep in mind that purchasing costs here in Spain are between 11% and 12%, and slightly more if a mortgage is involved in the purchase. These can be paid via bank transfer to the notary public, the same day or up to 20 working days after the signing.

Post sales

All direct debit payments on the utilities are changed over to the new owner´s name and bank account.

Any help with renovations, interior design or furnishings is given.

Any advice on healthcare, schools, dentists, tax advisors etc is given. Of course, we can always meet up for a coffee and chat to help with any needs that arise in the process of settling into your new Spanish home and lifestyle.