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Emma's background and Vision

Next to being a very proud mother of three kids I have been lucky and fortunate to be a professional in selling and appraising Real Estate for more then 17 years in the Costa Blanca area. By owning a business it is my goal and believe driving the business forward in finding the best properties and displaying them in such a way our clients choose us whenever they think of selling or buying. Interesting times require interesting new ways of doing business. Our vision within Lifestyle Homes Spain is that the Real Estate business will change significantly in the years ahead of us. Online and digital experiences will grow in our market and will need to answer to the needs of our clients. Therefore we introduced a new label ” www.lifestylehomesspain.com” that will be a platform for our customers giving them the proper and right answers based on real time information and a new client journey experience that is ready for this new future. Next to this the most important objectives that rises above everything is explaining to our clients the lifestyle they can have in Spain and which property will suit best and being perfectly matched on what they are looking for. That will be our promise and only objective. Come and meet us and let us explain in detail how we work with and for our clients.